Tips and Tricks to Make Potty Training a Breeze

Tips and Tricks to Make Potty Training a Breeze

Are you ready to toss the pull ups and diapers for good? I am sure you are ready for this day too, where pull ups and diapers would be a distant memory. 

And now that you have started potty training, you may be thinking, are diapers really that bad? Haha! It is not going to be an easy process and each kid is different, but these could be a few helpful tips to make potty training a little easier!

As I said each child is very different so it's important not to rush anything and to adapt to your specific child's needs. This will help determine what will work best for them and for your family to best support them. 

Start to show potty training when they show interest or signs that they are ready to learn. This time can vary, but usually can be around two and a half to three years old.

Waiting until they show that they want to learn and get excited about the process can make a huge difference in the overall success of potty training. 

One way to make it exciting is to allow them to pick some fun new undies in their favorite characters which really can spark their overall excitement and willingness to learn. Next is to order a toddler seat cover for the toilet along with a floor potty to make it easy for them to learn to go on their own. Another thing to consider if you are not looking to purchase a floor potty is a stool for your child to be able to get on the toilet by themselves. 

Another helpful tip to do is to be naked from the waist down while at home routine for a few days and continue to ask and prompt them to use the potty every hour or so. This can be tough especially if you can't devote yourself to a time when you will be home and not going anywhere for an extended period of time so you may need to make some adjustments to do what works best for your family. 

Find a few days where you know you will have no plans and able to commit to being at home to push the process along! As you know, the kiddos love snacks, so if they use the potty, you can give them an incentive, like one M&M which will make them want to use the potty more! You can easily swap this out for a sticker or another small incentive that resonates with your child. 

You may come across with the child being in fear of going number two on the potty. To help overcome this fear, increase the incentive to a few M&Ms to entice them to use the potty for number two. After a few days of the increased incentive, the fear was gone and number two has since been a success!

Once you find the right reward for your child and continue to be persistent in the process it will start to click & you can officially toss the diapers for good! 

Overall before you start the potty-training process ask yourself a few questions:

Is my child showing interest and ready to learn to use the potty?
Am I ready to devote the proper time to successfully potty train? 

Answering “yes” to both of these is key as there is no specific time to potty train and it's important not to rush the process for your child.

XOXO, rosebuds!