5 Easy DIY Toddler Activities

5 Easy DIY Toddler Activities

Are you tired of throwing money away on loads of toys your kids only play with for a few days and then they become buried in a mound of toys in their rooms? 

We have all been there and if we are being honest, kids don’t need loads of shiny new toys to have fun, learn and make lasting memories. They would be happy with some creativity and lots of things I am willing to bet you have laying around your house already. 

Are you ready to get creative and use your imagination to create some fun activities for your toddler at home? Here are 5 easy low-cost DIY toddler activities you can easily create today with your kids: 

Color Sorting

Grab a few pieces of construction paper and write the color on each sheet. Tape or place each sheet in a line on the floor and let your child have fun sorting their toys by color. Once they are done with sorting their toys by color, mix it up and have them sort the toys by the first letter of the color, (i.e Orange starts with the letter "O" let's find all the toys that start with the letter "O"). 

Card Slot Drop 

Grab an empty oatmeal or bread crumb container and cut a slit in the top lid. Take a deck of cards and let your kids have fun dropping the cards into the slot one by one. Once they have dumped them all, empty it and start again! 

Muffin Tin Fun 

Grab a muffin tin, a spoon or spatula along with a few cotton balls, place a cotton ball in one of the muffin tin slots and have your child use fine motor skills to move the cotton ball from tin to tin using the spoon or spatula. 

Box Car 

Grab one of those empty Amazon boxes I’m sure you have laying around the house and some markers to create a fun car they can take for a ride. Use the markers to draw wheels and headlights and then let your child decorate the car with their own art before they take it for a spin around the house. For some extra imagination, grab a paper plate and make a steering wheel to add to their car. 

Make Your Own Sensory Bin 

Grab a plastic bowl or container and either some uncooked rice, noodles or beans to use as the base. Dump the base into the bowl and grab some toy cars or smaller toys to let them sift and play for hours. 

Instead of another trip to Target or the toy store this weekend, get creative with these DIY activities you can easily make from the comfort of your own home. Get your kids involved too and let them help in the process to make it even more exciting. 

Remember kids don't need a lot to have a great time and learn something new! 

XOXO, rosebuds!