5 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Back to School

5 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Back to School

How crazy! The holidays and winter break is now over. I hope everyone enjoyed their time off but it is now the new year which means back to school and back to healthy lunches! :) 

With heading back to the groove of things, school is now back and so are lunches! Start the new year off like the fully prepared mom we know you are and give your kids something to be excited about when they open their lunch each day. Coming up with lunch ideas that are new and exciting can be a challenge, that's why we are sharing our 5 favorite fun healthy kids' lunch ideas that will be sure to leave them full and asking for more.

Peanut Butter Banana Roll-Up 

Grab a whole wheat wrap or tortilla and spread a thin layer of your family's favorite peanut butter, almond butter, or allergy-friendly alternative. Thinly slice bananas and lay them side by side in the middle of the wrap. Roll it up and cut it into bite-size pieces. Pair with some carrot sticks, grapes, and pretzels for a healthy filling lunch they will love.

Mini Bagels

Such a simple and easy idea that the kids will love, a mini bagel with cream cheese for lunch! Pair with some celery sticks, sliced apples and rice cake crackers. Yum!

Mini Meat and Cheese Sandwiches

Grab some mini honey rolls (personal favorite) or sliders and cut them in half, grab a slice of cheese and 1 piece of your child's favorite meat, and place on the roll and that's it. Pair with some grape tomatoes, a cutie or clementine, and pretzels for a super filling and fun mini lunch. 

Sandwich on a Stick

Grab a few toothpicks, some cheese cubes, a piece of lunch meat and a few grapes. Layer the toothpicks alternating lunch meat, cheese, and grapes. Pair with some sliced cucumber and blueberries and some snap pea crisps for a fun lunch they will love. 

Muffin Tin Charcuterie

Grab a few disposable muffin cups and place them inside a container. Fill each cup with something different. Here are a few ideas - pretzels, grape tomatoes, carrot sticks, cheese cubes, sliced salami, animal crackers, mini rice cakes. Kids love the idea of assortments and letting them build and combine to create their favorite lunch creations will be sure to leave them asking for more. 

Want to bring an even bigger smile to their face at the lunch table?  

Slip in a little note or a special treat for them to enjoy that will be sure to let them know they are loved. It's these little memories they will look back on and remember most. :)

Now, who is ready to get those lunches packed and send your kids off to finish off a successful school year?  

XOXO, rosebuds!